💙Our Values

These are the foundational principles that guide our community.

We believe that with access to powerful technologies and the freedom to innovate, humans can achieve unprecedented levels of prosperity and progress.

🚀 Pro-Technological Innovation
  • We value and get inspired by innovators and entrepreneurs pushing the boundaries of new technological frontiers.

  • We are enthusiastic about gene therapy, open blockchains, AI, drones, self-driving cars, space exploration, digital-first education, digital-native political institutions, startup societies, and other emerging technologies.

  • We see technology as a future of abundance and sustainable economic growth, instead of a zero-sum resource-finite mentality.

  • We reject all anti-progress ideas, such as degrowth, anarco-primitivism, wokeism, and techlash.

⚖️ Pro-Freedom
  • We value freedom of speech and the right to openly discuss ideas and controversial topics.

  • We value the freedom to transact and support open and decentralized mechanisms of coordination instead of coercive and centralized systems.

  • We value freedom of association, both in entrepreneurship, where individuals have the right to seamlessly start new businesses, and in social settings, where there should be no discrimination based on gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or nationality.

  • We value opt-in societies with clear rules and easy paths to exit.

  • We stand up for the right to privacy.

  • We reject any type of authoritarianism, from socialism and wokeism to fascism, nazism, and militarism.

🔭 Pro-Human Progress
  • We value high-trust and long-term-oriented people and communities.

  • We value entrepreneurs, innovators, philosophers, scientists, artists, and any optimistic builders and learners.

  • We value in-person and outdoor activities.

  • We are enthusiastic about fitness, self-improvement, healthy food, and biology expansion.

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