How does it work?

Pulses are a fundamental building block for startup societies and the future of governance. They replace the low-bandwidth, 4-year voting process with a more fluid mechanism of coordination.

But, how exactly will this work?

  • Pulses will occur twice a month, on the 2nd and 16th days.

  • We will unveil Pulses in the Pulse channel of our Discord.

  • Each Pulse will be carried out in a 24-hour window. Which means you'll have one day to execute the proposed task.

  • The initial tasks will involve liking and sharing a post on Twitter (X). The objective is to leverage the power of our expanding community to enhance distribution and reach.

  • You have the opportunity to submit your own content (aligned with our values and goals) for a Pulse in the Pulse channel. The community will vote to approve and prioritize them.

  • Pulses provide a great opportunity for members who want to grow their social media presence and reach a larger audience for their blog or website.

  • In order to submit a Pulse proposal, you must have participated in all of the last 10 Pulses.

These tasks and formats will evolve over time in complexity, as we aim higher.

We might eventually introduce different layers of Pulses - so different types of tasks, with different levels of obligation. That said we will always have a basic Pulse, which we expect everyone to contribute to that takes only a few minutes.

Every single Pulse will be in strict alignment with our mission. We might eventually want to reward the exceptional work of one of the members by promoting something they did via Pulse. This would mean that basically, all members would help in distributing.

Example: Imagine a member made a great movie with AI about a gripping futuristic drama, while the backdrop was a world fully living in network states, which ended up being partly the solution to the drama.

Or a member who launched a tech startup whose goal is creating a better child educational platform.

The idea is not only to Live and Let Live but to Win and Help Win.

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