Community Guidelines

The following are our rules and guidelines on how to behave within our online and offline channels.


  1. Prioritize high-quality content related to startup societies, freedom, and underlying digital innovations.

  2. We strongly encourage self-authored articles with authentic and aligned ideas around TNS’s topics.

  3. Clickbait, topics around political parties, violence, and cultural war are forbidden.

  4. Choose content from specialized channels and individuals. Avoid Mainstream Media.

  5. Always add a short comment or insight to the link to help other members have context about the topic.

  6. Content that violates our core values is strictly prohibited and will be moderated.


  1. Personal attacks will not be tolerated and may result in either temporary or permanent suspension, at the discretion of the core team.

  2. We welcome and encourage debates and counter-arguments that align with our core values.

  3. Always be kind and respectful, even when disagreeing with other members.

  4. We are really committed to PULSEs and will avoid missing them at all costs.

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