Becoming a Member

We are in the early stages and seeking the first 100 founding members of this community. We recognize that these initial members will help shape the culture as we continue to grow. Therefore, we are searching for truly talented, optimistic, and innovative individuals who align with our vision and genuinely care about the problem we aim to solve.

There are 4 main reasons to become a member:

  1. You are deeply dissatisfied with the political and cultural status quo, have no strong political affiliations, and want to be part of building a prosperous society that is better suited to the digital age.

  2. You want to connect with international leaders and collaborate with optimistic and ambitious individuals such as builders, entrepreneurs, artists, educators, technologists, students, authors, and scientists who are aligned with ideas of freedom and innovation.

  3. You want access to benefits, including event discounts, exclusive content, a network of services, and potentially co-working spaces, housing, physical infrastructure, and access to special jurisdictions to build startups on the frontier.

  4. You envision a future where you live in a modern and digital city, with free access to smart regulations and cutting-edge technology such as life extension, cryptocurrency, and AI. A future where you are not hindered by restrictive laws that impede progress or entrepreneurship.

To become a member of TNS Brazil, you must complete an application. The objective of this process is to identify whether you align with our values, share our vision for the future, commit to some regular activities, and accept our community guidelines.

After applying, you will be notified of the result, which could be declined, waitlisted, or approved.

Once approved, you will sign an annual plan, receive an NFT as an Ipê City Member, and gain access to our Discord Server.

This process exists because Ipê City is not a conventional community. It's not a WhatsApp group, a DAO, a think tank, or a political party. Maybe a little bit of each.

Ipê City is an institution of a completely new nature – a startup society.

That's why we are gradually seeking people who resonate with our journey and want to learn, work, innovate, and collaborate in this endeavor of building a society that values technological innovation and human progress.

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