Ipê City

Our Goals

Our goal is to build a decentralized society with governance based on digital-native institutions, and whose citizens are highly aligned around the idea of human progress through technology and freedom.
To achieve this, we need to build three layers: the social layer (culture/values/politics), the technological layer (governance/infrastructure), and the economic layer.
Social Layer:
The social layer will be established by continuously recruiting and selecting new members who align with our goals, as well as cultivating a cohesive, trustworthy, and productive community. This layer is the most important, and we will initially invest the majority of our energy here.
To achieve this, we have a long and still incomplete roadmap. However, all upcoming phases will be somehow connected to these four approaches: Talk, Meet, Work, and Live.
  • Talk: Creating content and online discussion environments for learning about digital society, governance innovations, cryptocurrencies, AI, biotech, and other emerging technologies.
  • Meet: Establishing in-person settings such as meetups, summits, conferences, popup villages, hackathons, and other gatherings. The goal is to facilitate deeper exchanges and the development of trust and bonds among members. Essentially, it is the creation of a decentralized network of ongoing in-person gatherings worldwide.
  • Work: Enabling online and in-person environments for developing medium-to-long-term projects that propel the community toward our ultimate goal. To achieve this, we will establish a network of coworking spaces, offices, and innovative areas exclusively for members to collaborate and work on aligned projects.
  • Live: Facilitating the acquisition of territories for the community to settle and reside using the TNS Brazil passport. In other words, a network of villages, condominiums, cottages, and small towns worldwide where members can move, stay, and own property.
Tech Layer:
Once we've established an aligned community, we can channel our internal energy toward developing and fostering the creation of aligned startups. This could encompass a wide range of areas, including governance platforms (e.g., AI allocating budgets for public goods), identity (e.g., on-chain ID with zero-knowledge proof), education (e.g., AI tutors for children), laws (e.g., smart contract marketplaces), as well as physical infrastructure/architecture, and even media, entertainment, and philanthropy companies.
In essence, we’ll develop and foster an ecosystem of solutions that support digital-native societies.
Economic Layer:
To ensure the sustainability of this startup society, a business model is needed. Although still in its early stages, we have already determined the direction.
The organization's primary revenue source will be a Society-as-a-Service model. In other words, citizens who pass the recruitment process will pay an annual fee to access our passport card and enjoy our network of services and physical structures.
We will explore additional revenue sources for our platform, including monthly fees for potential new services, digital jurisdiction for company incorporation, and sale/rental of real estate and land. These are just a few examples of the numerous opportunities offered by a society platform.
In addition to the aforementioned sources, we plan to launch a governance token. Initially, citizens will receive tokens for subscribing and collaborating, and they will play an internal social reputation role in the community.
While we do not have a timeline for creating tokens, when we do, we will maintain it without a liquidity pool for an extended period. Our aim is to use the token within the community's internal ecosystem rather than as a tool for financial speculation.
Although there may be initial friction, our goal is not to attract individuals with short-term mindsets to the project. At the same time, we aim to reward and provide ownership to those who help construct this community in the long run.